Talks 2017 - Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference

Talks 2017

Featured Talks for 2017 take place Saturday, September 9, 2017 from 9 AM – 6 PM

These talks are 30 minutes long and include lots of actionable content from some of the most highly regarded and recognizable Podcasters in the industry.


Ramona Rice You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling
Annett Bone It’s Never Too Late to Be Great
Mary Nichols Diversity Beyond the Surface with Podcasting
Tom Tate Congratulations, you’re a marketer now!
Aimee Joshua Creating The Ultimate Guest & Listener Experience
Mark Asquith Series Podcasting Could Save Your Show…
Joel Boggess Never Give Up: The 3-part plan for bottom line results
Dave Jackson Understanding Podcast Artwork and How to Fix It
Jeffey Bradbury Working With Clients: How Can You Successfully Work with Clients and Create Successful Podcasts For THEIR Dreams
Amanda Doughty & Clay Groves How to Make Your Podcast as Exciting as When Batman Was on Scooby Doo (Workshop)

Spotlight Talks for 2017 take place Friday, September 8, 2017 from 5 PM – 7:30 PM

Spotlight speakers have 8 minutes to bring the fire to the stage. These are action filled and jam packed full of actionable content. These are short talks by Podcasters for Podcasters!


Erica Blocker (formerly Gordon) The Art of Interviewing and Producing a Winning Podcast
Mathew Passy The Remote Record
Stephen Hart Find Your X Factor! How Differentiation Drives Listens and Loyalty
Patricia Iyer How to Make More Money from Your Podcast
Stefan Roots Setting Goals as a New Podcaster
Christopher Fasano Building and Selling a Podcast for Six Figures
Naketa Thigpen From Podcast to Profit
Chris (CJ) Ripka Because of my Live Stream
Karen Yankovich How LinkedIn can Grow Your Podcast
Scott Mulvaney Embracing Change for Lifestyle Success
Erica Gordon Set Yourself Up for Podcasting Success
Lew Hastings Why Culture Content Matters
Jordan Cooper Creating Dialogue: Building Community Through Storytelling and Livestreaming
David Steele Recording Studios from A-Z
Deborah Williams I Know It’s Hard But Do It Anyway…….Why Money Matters, even to Podcasters
Nicholas Goblirsch Defining Authenticity within the Ambitious Creative in You
Niel Guilarte LEVEL UP! Take your podcast to the next level.
Anthony Hayes Building the Ultimate Online Community
Harry Duran Finding Your Voice
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