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Zack Demopoulos – Podcaster

Zack Demopoulos

The S.T.O.R.Y. of Storytelling

How to be more effective with your message through storytelling. Five basic essentials of impactful storytelling are: 1. Show–don’t tell (Paint a picture by coloring with words and verbalizing with emotion so that the listener can see, feel, smell, and taste as well as hear the experience you want to share.) 2. Theme–give them a reason to care about your story. (Have a simple tale using simple elements, brief and do not overwhelm with too much detail.). 3. Original –be authentic, genuine, and compelling. (Believe in what you’re saying and be honest with yourself and your audience.). 4. Relatable –connect with the listener and make an emotional impact. (Make it real and universal, tap into emotions most people have felt and experienced, and have them say “me too!”) 5. You –make it personal. (Needs to be from you and about you. Convey openness so that you can build trust and show who you are. Sometimes the more taboo the better.)

About Zack Demopoulos

Zack has always been doing something that he loves. From 13 years old working in his family’s restaurant which became his first informal education, he embarked on a 22 year journey in corporate America until he was exhausted (bored) of delving in various roles from sales, management, HR and Diversity. He then started and ran, with his wife Phyllis, a successful home care business for 10 years helping over 600 families care for their loved one and hiring over 700 professional caregivers. Zack caught the podcasting bug in the beginning of 2017 and hosts a show called Raising ‘Rents (as in paRents) that educates, supports and inspires adult kids who are either currently or at some point in the future caring for an aging parent or family loved one. Zack and Phyllis have been married for 32 years, have four adult children (two sons, one daughter, and a daughter-in-law), and a rescue dog named Athena.

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