Teri Yuan - Producer/Host - Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference

Teri Yuan – Producer/Host

Teri Yuan

Storytelling with a Purpose – Podcasting to Create Social Change

“Communications and culture have the power to move hearts and minds in ways that facts and advocacy often cannot.” – The Opportunity Agenda Since its infancy, the podcast industry, or at least the most successful and visible podcasts, have been telling stories, teaching, and mostly sharing information often targeted to those already ‘converted.’ This session deep dives into the experiences of our panelists who weave story, individual action, and social change into the fabric of our mission. We will explore the ways in which our podcasts have successfully implemented some of the tactics offered by the Opportunity Agenda, challenges we have encountered in building momentum for change, and explore opportunities to incorporate more creative storytelling tactics and strategies that will give listeners agency to engage with and take action in their communities.


About Teri Yuan

Teri Yuan is a social entrepreneur, feminist business consultant, and the host of the weekly podcast, en(gender)ed, which explores the systems, practices and policies that enable gender-based violence and oppression and the solutions to end it. The podcast uses gender as a lens to better understand power and oppression and its impact in the private realm, so as to better recognize and confront it in the public sphere. She believes that by developing a cultural literacy around power and abuse of power, we can reclaim how we define liberty in relationships and in civic life and solve many of our most urgent social (justice) challenges.

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