Sue Allen Clayton - Founder & Chief Encouragement Officer - Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference

Sue Allen Clayton – Founder & Chief Encouragement Officer

Sue Allen Clayton

Winning the Content War: How to Create Quick & Easy Posts to Promote Your Podcast

Creating newsletters, blogs and social media posts is a big challenge for podcasters. Learn how big media outlets create their content, how to plan your own content, and how to get over some of the major challenges of content creation.

About Sue Allen Clayton

Sue Allen Clayton has been a self-employed writer and content creator for more than 20 years. For the last six years, she has produced at least one weekly newsletter and blog post for her own business, as well as hundreds of Facebook posts. She also creates three videos per month for her membership group, Sue is the author of “How to Create an Editorial Calendar: Social Media Planning for Your Small Business” (published in 2013).

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