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Stefan Roots

Stefan Roots

How to Listen to Podcasts…To create a better podcast.

I probably listen to more hours of podcasts on a weekly basis than the average person thanks to a lonely work situation that allows me to plug in my earbuds and consume hours of episodes without interruption. I intend to cover various styles and techniques I’ve found effective in a variety of podcasts that keep me engaged and enhances the listening experience. Especially, I plan to introduce various portions of podcasts to give examples of: introductions; music; humor; advertising reads; self-promotion; length; interview styles; voice, volume, and clarity. It’s okay to steal great ideas from podcasts to spice up your own podcast.

About Stefan Roots

A native of Chester, PA. Villanova engineering graduate who has worked in energy, telecom, IT, and currently as a licensed wastewater treatment operator. Author of ‘Toxic Man – The Melvin Wade Story’ detailing the rise and fall of a self-made millionaire who lost his fortune in a 1978 toxic waste fire accredited for the start of regulations for handling hazardous waste that is still on the books today. Publisher of a hyper-local community newspaper and blog in the city of Chester. Started the Dirty Water Dude podcast in 2016 and Beautiful Black Music in 2017. 5 adult children living across the country and 5 grandchildren in Atlanta. Lives and works in Chester.

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