Samantha Riley - Business Growth & Marketing Strategist - Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference

Samantha Riley – Business Growth & Marketing Strategist

Samantha Riley

Authority Positioning To Profit From Your Podcast

Anyone can start a podcast, but not everyone can monetize it. In this session, learn the PKP framework to make money through your programs. (this is the framework, not to be shared with participants prior to the conference – just for your information) Position your authority, Know your avatar, Position your sale

About Samantha Riley

Samantha Riley is a “pocket rocket” from the Northern Beaches in Sydney, Australia, and has spent the past 8 years helping people turn their expertise into a thriving business. Everything she teaches is what she’s learned through personal experience while building multiple businesses over the past 26 years. Samantha uses the 3 key principles of positioning, profile, and leverage to help people to monetize their expertise and to become the go-to authority in their industry. Due to her extensive business background, she sees each individual in a unique and holistic way and is able to help them grow a profitable business to create a life that they love. Samantha is an international speaker, #1 best-selling author, host of the ‘Thought Leaders Business Lab podcast, and has 26 years of personal experience in building and growing businesses. She’s not all business though. She’s also a wife, a mother of 3, big lover of travel, enjoyer of fine wine, excited by fast cars, and someone who can’t hear music without dancing.

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