Rafael Jauregui - Founder of SRVD - Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference

Rafael Jauregui – Founder of SRVD

Rafael Jauregui

Raf’s Asparagus Theory

A unique business perspective for early stage start-ups and seasoned businesses alike, in which the topic blends humor, grace, mentorship, honest story-telling and transparency. The audience will be on a quick journey getting introduced to the Asparagus Theory.


About Rafael Jauregui

A Retired Military Vet that had it ALL figured out and planned out just like he was trained to do – until he realized that he didn’t! His transition back to a civilian lifestyle on paper was supposed to be perfect; what that reality turned out to be is his story… the SRVD story! SRVD is simply the word, “SERVED!!!” – Raf is building the SRVD community; bringing together Servicemembers, Responders, Veterans, and Dependents – with a two-sticker campaign and impact programming focused in “Leaving to Living”.

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