Polly Bauer - Host of Swipe! The Podcast - Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference

Polly Bauer – Host of Swipe! The Podcast

Polly Bauer

5 ways your podcast is a business

Join Polly Bauer, host of Swipe! The Podcast as she educates podcasters on how to manage money and fund your podcast.


About Polly Bauer

Polly Bauer is the go-to expert for all things credit. After 35 years as a global credit expert, including consulting with major credit card organizations and multi-billion dollar corporations, she believes that credit is the new money. It’s energy. Past President & CEO of Home Shopping Network Credit Corporation, She is an award-winning Author of books about credit, and International corporate speaker, that’s why Polly is launching the Swipe! podcast. Polly is passionate about helping consumers harness that power with credit principals and intuitive wisdom.

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