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Nick Goblirsch

Finding Your Authentic Self to Find Your Authentic Voice

About Nick Goblirsch

Nick Goblirsch has been a podcaster and producer for nearly 4 years while having a successful HR leadership career and running a family household with his wife and recent podcaster, Megan. In 2014, approaching 40, with all of life happening, he lost the time to make the connections that are meaningful and fulfilling, long-lasting and intimate. Career and family duties became the only thing and something had to give.  By no reaching out, we became withdrawn and ineffective at both. He made rules, stemming from events in his childhood and upbringing that made it easier to push people away rather than let them in.

Graduating with a BA in Fine Arts, design, radio and video, he had long since turned off that passionate part of his life to focus on the now. A close friend in the corporate world left to become an entrepreneur and start his own business. His friend had everything he needed but someone with multimedia expertise and for the small window every other week, Nick started drawing on those dormant skills and escaped a bit from the day to day grind of his career to do something new and refreshing for a friend. As he started building his friends brand on YouTube and producing content that drove his friend’s mission and business, that creative itch started surfacing again. That passion for creating, sharing and connecting was alive again. Nick was using story telling to promote his friend’s business brand and it was now time to get out of this bubble he created and create his own personal brand, using all the tools and skills that were so much fun this long time ago. He bought an Idiot’s Guide to Podcasting and the rest is history in the making. Setting a goal of doing 200 full episodes, and a few minisodes in between, he’s set a mission to connect with people around him, discussing timely topics that they can relate to, and start a conversational experience that he can learn and grow from. It’s the intimate connections that we yearn for, and although we want to consider ourselves independent grown-ups, we can’t do great things without depending on those we care about around us.

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