Nicholas Goblirsch - Founder, Creator, & Consultant at Dependent Independent Productions, LLC - Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference

Nicholas Goblirsch – Founder, Creator, & Consultant at Dependent Independent Productions, LLC

Nicholas Goblirsch

Truthful Podcasting Reveals Who We Are

My commitment to share my own stories and experiences has never wavered since the start. We have tackled so many topical subjects that require honesty and trust to share on my podcast. Because it is a personal journal of sorts, it has become impossible to not be me on the show, even when a topic was difficult to share. Podcasts capture our voices, our emotions, our passions, and our frustrations. We choose to spend our valuable time to record and share our voice with total strangers. I want to share my story about how four years, podcasting empowered me to do things I did not know I could do or reveal to grow. I want to share specific opportunities that podcasters can take advantage of for self-discovery during whatever show they produce, so they get as much fulfillment as they can for themselves. The steps will help newcomers to podcasting become more comfortable on the mic from the start, build patience as they build their show, help them better engage their guests before their show debut, and offer a few different perspectives to veteran podcasters who may be looking to try something. The focus will be on increasing the quality of personal engagement with their audience, building confidence to share more and some practical tips to improve their craft.

About Nicholas Goblirsch

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1998, deviating from his father and grandfather’s careers as doctors, he felt design, radio and video production was a solid long-term strategy. Unfortunately like most artists without the proper encouragement and guidance, he soon fell into a day-job far away from his college education. Even with this pivot, his drive and ambition carried him and he excelled in his career. Deep down though, he knew that someday he would record influential audio and video that could capture the attention of others. Fast forward 20 years after rising to the ranks of HR Corporate Executive, a side project to produce instructional and promotional videos for a friend’s business reignited that artistic passion for leaving a mark on the world with expressive media. Following this, in January 2015 he launched The Dependent Independent Podcast. Approaching his forties with two small children, he made so many excuses to not make new friends. He decided to use podcasting to reconnect with those around him at a time when building new, meaningful relationships became so hard to do. Using simple storytelling with kind people with clear points of view, he was able to do what was once so easy to do in his childhood. He made friends that meant something. He rediscovered himself and made the decision that helping others find the same self-discovery through their authentic expressive audio and video was his calling. Over the past five years, he has worked with other creators and entrepreneurs to become their best self with their online media and launched Dependent Independent Productions, LLC. in early 2019 to make it official. He continues to publish his weekly podcast until its eventual 200 episodic conclusion. His wife, Megan, started her own podcast for busy Moms called the You Be You Podcast with Meg and Liv in 2017, and his two children have joined him on the mic a few times as well. This is his third time speaking at MAPCON and he is blessed to have the opportunity once again.

Graduating with a BA in Fine Arts, design, radio and video, he had long since turned off that passionate part of his life to focus on the now. A close friend in the corporate world left to become an entrepreneur and start his own business. His friend had everything he needed but someone with multimedia expertise and for the small window every other week, Nick started drawing on those dormant skills and escaped a bit from the day to day grind of his career to do something new and refreshing for a friend. As he started building his friends brand on YouTube and producing content that drove his friend’s mission and business, that creative itch started surfacing again. That passion for creating, sharing and connecting was alive again. Nick was using story telling to promote his friend’s business brand and it was now time to get out of this bubble he created and create his own personal brand, using all the tools and skills that were so much fun this long time ago. He bought an Idiot’s Guide to Podcasting and the rest is history in the making. Setting a goal of doing 200 full episodes, and a few minisodes in between, he’s set a mission to connect with people around him, discussing timely topics that they can relate to, and start a conversational experience that he can learn and grow from. It’s the intimate connections that we yearn for, and although we want to consider ourselves independent grown-ups, we can’t do great things without depending on those we care about around us.

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