Monica Rivera - Creator/Producer/Host of YOU WANNA DO WHAT?! - Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference

Monica Rivera – Creator/Producer/Host of YOU WANNA DO WHAT?!

Monica Rivera

Want to be a better Podcaster? Listen to People of Color.

Podcasts from people of color are often underrepresented in conversations around podcasting influencers or dismissed as shows created only for those populations with the same/similar background as the host or producer. My session will dispel the idea that shows produced and hosted by people of color are JUST for people of color and highlight prevalent themes that subconsciously marginalize our community in podcasting and other mediums. I’m an independent Latina podcaster from the Bronx, New York with a masters degree in consuming media in all formats (film, tv, audio, radio). The audience will learn 3 ways in which PoC are marginalized in the industry and 3 Benefits of listening to podcasts outside of their traditional lens. Content creators will have a widened perspective on how to view, listen and write about podcasters of color.

About Monica Rivera

Monica Rivera is a first-generation Latina from NYC who is a marketing professional by day and podcaster by passion. Created and launched the weekly podcast, YOU WANNA DO WHAT?! in Summer 2017 and has reached listeners all across the world. A self-proclaimed multi-potentialiate (just a fancy word for someone who has many interests), she used to think something must be wrong with her when people would say, “find your passion” but she couldn’t settle on ONE thing. Podcasting changed her life.

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