Maxwell Ivey - The Blind Blogger - Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference

Maxwell Ivey – The Blind Blogger

Maxwell Ivey

When you don’t have your own audience borrow someone else’s

What else leveraging interviews on established podcasts to share the podcaster’s story, reach a wider audience, and build their brands. Will cover reasons for doing this, mindset required, and the three key pages needed. 1: media kit that includes their personal story. 2: a page for past appearances. will address what to do when they don’t have any past appearances. 3: basic pitch email templet. hosts don’t book guests they book stories.

About Maxwell Ivey

In the last five years, this totally blind man has gone from frightened podcast guest to online media rockstar to coaching others on how to build and grow their audiences using podcasts, radio shows, and virtual summits. Prior to that, he transformed himself from a morbidly obese failed carnival owner to successful amusement equipment broker, life goals coach, motivational speaker, and award-winning self-help author. He is often credited with helping people get unstuck in their own lives for as many have told him if Max can do it then what is their excuse.

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