Matt Bodnar - Founder of Success Podcast - Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference

Matt Bodnar – Founder of Success Podcast

Matt Bodnar

Building An Engaged Audience

I’d like to dive into how you can build a community around your audience and how to communicate with them in a way that makes them brand ambassadors. We’ve grown our email list be over 5 figures in the past six months and engage with listeners constantly. A powerful relationship with your fans is the best way to maintain growth. We’ve grown to over 1.7 million downloads with listeners in over 10 0countries and I’d like to share with attendants how they can do the same!

About Matt Bodnar

Matt Bodnar, named to Forbes “30 Under 30,” called a “Rising Restaurateur Star” by the National Restaurant Association and a “Strategy Pro” by Restaurant Hospitality Magazine, is a partner at early stage investment firm Fresh Hospitality where he focuses on deal-making and strategy. Bodnar is also the creator and host of “The Science of Success” the #1 Evidence-Based Personal Growth Podcast on the internet with over a million downloads. Bodnar previously worked as an import/export consultant in Nanjing, China and spent several years at Goldman Sachs before returning to his family roots in the hospitality space.

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