Mathew Passy - Consultant and Producer - Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference

Mathew Passy – Consultant and Producer

Mathew Passy

Alternative Means of Growing Your Podcast

Tired of relentlessly posting your podcast on social media only to see no results. Instead, try some out-of-the-box strategies for growing your audience base.

About Mathew Passy

Podcast Producer/Consultant at I help individuals, brands, and small businesses develop, launch, produce, and promote their podcasts. Among my active roster of clients, we have enjoyed over 4 million podcast downloads and growing. I am also an independent sales agent for podcast advertising agency True Native Media and serve as head of content for, the go-to resource for all things podcasting. I am also a long time New Jersey resident and I currently live in Cherry Hill, NJ with my wife Brooke, and our twin children, Hailey and Hunter.

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