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Lori Rochino – Simply Designed Life LLC

Lori Rochino

Life Productivity Hacks for Busy Podcasters, Entrepreneurs and Other Creatives

While we all have the same 24 hours in a day, being able to use time effectively is a real challenge for many people—especially for podcasters. With the demands of work and personal life—not to mention digital distractions from phones, texting, social media, and more, it’s no wonder we’re so stressed out! It’s hard enough to start a podcast, but staying the course for the long haul can be a real challenge for many. Having the tools to stay consistent will help creators keep going so they don’t become a #podfade statistic. This talk will provide quick, actionable tips to help time-starved podcasters and other content creators find more calm, less stress so you can get back to your creative work more energized and a renewed purpose to follow through with goals and projects! Some subpoints include: A. Identifying your zone of genius / not so zone of genius (Do more of what you’re great at—you’re all podcasters so obviously do more of that, delegate all the things you’re not great at and don’t want to be doing—like accounting, bookkeeping, etc.) B. Energy and rhythms—managing energy, tracking, etc. (How to develop an awareness of your time) C. Setting time boundaries, no tech zones / times so one can focus exclusively on projects D. A Model Calendar Approach (with samples time blocks and alternate A/B week options; Perry Marshall’s time value on tasks from book 80/20 Sales & Marketing)


About Lori Rochino

Lori Rochino stumbled upon podcasting two years ago and has been hooked since. She created Simply Designed Life Podcast for entrepreneurs who want to simplify their busy lives in order to make room for the things that really matter. The show includes inspiration, motivation, and everyday tips to help us live according to our values and purpose so we can truly thrive and help others thrive as well. She is a podcast & productivity coach with a corporate marketing background for financial services and start-ups. She is the author of Fifty Shades of Simple: How to Prioritize in the Age of Information Overload. Her work has appeared in both national (SUCCESS, Huffington Post, YFS Magazine) and local (Philadelphia Style Magazine and Examiner) outlets. She lives in the greater Philadelphia area with her family, which includes her engineer husband, a school-age miracle baby, and Pembroke Welsh corgi.

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