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Kevin Bulmer – The Art of Effective Interviewing

Kevin Bulmer

The Art of Effective Interviewing

I have a rich history on most sides (on-air and behind the scenes) of broadcast media and have been fascinated by the art of effective interviewing since before I began my career, in 1996. My interest in business, sales and marketing drew me away from traditional on-air roles, but that was also due to the fact that I simply wasn’t much interested in the content I was being asked to produce. I knew we could do better. Interviewing was a lost art back then. Now, it’s even more RARE to find anyone – podcaster, blogger, radio, TV personality or otherwise – who does it well. It’s a shame because effective interviewing will not only improve the overall quality of your podcast, but it’s also a terrific skill to help with your sales, marketing, promotion, business and even personal relationships. Some common “sins”: – “Yes/No” questions. – Answering the questions for your guests, or limiting their options in answering (“either/or” questions). – Asking the same old thing everyone else asks. – Lazy questions (Stop reading your questions from your list you prepared in advance) – Timewasters (“Hey, how are ya?”) The key to better interviewing is to start LISTENING, THINKING and forming your follow-up questions accordingly, and your podcast content quality will improve DRAMATICALLY. As a professional speaker and coach, I’ve always been comfortable on the stage. As a podcast host, I may not have the largest following (yet). But I’m routinely told by my guests that they’ve never had a better interview and, in some cases, had never before shared things they shared with me.

About Kevin Bulmer

Kevin Bulmer creates positive change by empowering people to be REAL: Resourceful, Effective, Authentic Leaders. Kevin does this as a professional speaker, certified life & executive coach and host of “Journeys with the No Schedule Man,” a podcast of international scope featuring transparent conversations on personal and professional growth. Kevin leads an online coaching community called “The Turtle Tribe,” a place of encouragement, empowerment, creativity and collaboration that can be accessed at

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