Ken Woodard - Executive Producer of Lunch Duty Podcast - Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference

Ken Woodard – Executive Producer of Lunch Duty Podcast

Ken Woodard

Amateur Power: Coordinating a podcasting team of people with other jobs

Learn strategies and logistical structures for harnessing the power of a team of podcasters with pressing job obligations, family commitments, and varied levels of technical savvy. Hear about how Lunch Duty Podcast, a podcast for teachers by teachers, assembles substantial episodes and strives to meet the challenge of predictable content drops. To the uninformed podcasting seems easy: all you need is a microphone, a computer, and a good idea, but almost all good podcasts have a team.

About Ken Woodard

A 28-year veteran of secondary school history teaching, Ken Woodard is chair of the Stone Ridge Upper School History department wherein he serves on the World History II team, a class for sophomores, and teaches United States History to juniors. He combines a love for history with enthusiasm for the new possibilities presented by rapidly evolving production software. The US History oral history project combines these interests and the Lunch Duty Podcast is his latest attempt to bring sophisticated audio production to his job while participating in the explosion of Internet-distributed radio.

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