Jess Dewell - Founder, Red Direction and Creator of The Voice of BOLD Business Radio - Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference

Jess Dewell – Founder, Red Direction and Creator of The Voice of BOLD Business Radio

Jess Dewell

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About Jess Dewell

Jess Dewell, Growth Strategy Entrepreneur, specializes in helping companies at critical points in their development, balancing their growth with limitations in leadership and/or operations. Jess believes in “changing your lens to change your business,” and weaves this purpose into her daily work – and encourages business founders and leaders to take time to do the same. To achieve shared meaning and effect change management to achieve their organization’s growth strategy. The Founder of Red Direction and the popular Host of The Voice of BOLD Business Radio, Jess is an advocate for business owners to grab chaos by the hand and expand their companies, building tenacity and using tools to instill independence at every level. She is also a nationally-recognized forthright voice for collaboration and transformation – a business development tactician using proactive approaches to instill thoughtful short- and long-term decision-making. A 2018 Bronze Stevie® Award in the Woman of the Year – Business Services Industries, Jess has over twenty years of advising and consulting for growth. Her extensive facilitation experience in operational strategy and culture serves to weave in necessary value points for a company’s competitive advantage in quickly changing markets. She has seen results in several industries – including high tech, B2B, agency service, nonprofit, and manufacturing – and has served tens of thousands of business owners and executive teams (including four of her own businesses). As founder of Red Direction, Jess advises, facilitates, and keynotes about business excellence and what it means to lead today. Founders and executives working with Jess advance strategies that connect all business initiatives happening at any given time. This clarity provides structure to set priorities on multiple projects across different teams, resulting in transformative forward movement across the organization. She is a happy recent transplant to the Boulder, Colorado area along with her husband of nineteen years, (very active) eight-year-old son, and Rat Terrier puppy Nick.

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