Jennifer McPherson - Podcast Host for Black Therapists Rock - Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference

Jennifer McPherson – Podcast Host for Black Therapists Rock

Jennifer McPherson

Using Your Voice to Raise Awareness & Promote Change

Podcasters have a unique role in the media and have the capability to garner audiences. Our unique role gives us the power to discuss topics that may be considered taboo, controversial, and left out of the general conversation. By targeting those tough topics, we can plant seeds that will lead to more conversations and promote positive changes for society.

About Jennifer McPherson

Jennifer McPherson is a Licensed Professional Counselor from Philadelphia, PA that currently provides in home, brief therapy for chronically ill patients that have limited access to mental health care. She is also the Founder & CEO of McPherson Clinical & Consulting Services. She currently acts as the podcast host for Black Therapists Rock, an organization striving to promote the visibility of Black mental health professionals, to decrease the stigma against mental health, and to bring awareness to social issues related to mental health and wellness.

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