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Eric Hunley – Creator & Host of Unstructured

Eric Hunley

Interview Research – A Wise Investment

Some hosts spend 6-10 hours researching guests. Some fly by the seat of their pants. What is the value of each method and where can information be found?

About Eric Hunley (written by Tyson Franklin)

“Eric Hunley, the host of the Unstructured Podcast, is forging his path in interview style podcasts, which not surprisingly, is being followed by many other podcasters. He created over 100 interview style podcasts in less than nine months with guests from all corners of the globe. His professionalism, detail to research, and smooth delivery as a host is an inspiration to many, and a reliable indicator as to why not only new podcasters but also seasoned professionals are seeking his knowledge and direction.
Eric’s previous experience as an instructor at the University of Arizona has built his reputation as an educator and is opening many doors and speaking opportunities. Drawing on his many years as an athlete, marathon runner, coach and university lecturer, Eric is now mentoring new podcasters who want to get a fast start on their podcasting careers.
Eric is self-taught and understands that students can absorb any skill with the right guidance. He is continuously developing the systems and frameworks required to deliver a comprehensive interview podcast and fast-tracking the guest research process. He has published three books, so far and is currently working on his fourth book, titled “Interview Podcasting: Find Your Voice and Increase Your Authority.” Eric is married to Leslie Smail and happily living in Hampton, Virginia.
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