Douglas Reed - EVP - Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference

Douglas Reed – EVP

Douglas Reed

Everything You Need to Know About Licensing Music in Podcasts

Covers everything from why relying on Fair Use is a huge and possibly expensive mistake to what rights podcasters need to use even just one music track (which most so-called “royalty-free” don’t offer). Also an overview of what the PROs are and why all that monitoring technology that YouTube uses is coming to podcasting.

About Douglas Reed

Prior to joining SourceAudio, Doug spent 22 years as a Vice President at the Premiere Networks division of iHeartMedia. While at Premiere, he developed dozens of production music and imaging libraries. He created with SourceAudio radio largest production library resource, Alpha Libraries for Radio, used by almost 2000 radio stations including all of iHeart and Entercom/CBS. He most recently oversaw the creation of, a music resource designed especially for podcasting which solves many of the issues that we’re about to discuss.

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