David Steele - Steele Empire - Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference

David Steele – Steele Empire

David Steele

Let’s talk …”topic”. (Or) improve your…”thing”

Here are some ideas O can speak on , you may choose and O can give you more details as you like. Audio drama, voice artist, better audio, recording studio, imposter syndrome


About David Steele

David Steele is the “Voice of Steele” behind the Steele Empire. He sang and acted in bands and musicals. In later years he became a wedding DJ mixing music for peoples’ entertainment. At this time, he found enjoyment being behind the microphone as an announcer/ Emcee. Fast forward to more recent years, David decided to consider voice acting and took some classes which led to him building a home recording studio. David took on jobs as a live announcer, book narrator and commercial voice actor. While honing the voice acting craft, he found and fell in love with Podcasts. Now long after, David and his children started the “Steele Empire Production Network”. Their first podcast was “A Quest for Magic and Steele” a DnD, Dungeons and Dragons gameplay show. They decided to make it about the story and adventure more than the actual gameplay mechanics. With this in mind, they use improv to act out their individual characters with voices and silly quests. Shortly after they gained a following, it was on to a new adventure, Audio Drama! “Ark City” was born.

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