Colin Thomson - Kast Media - Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference

Colin Thomson – Kast Media

Colin Thomson

The Podcasting Gold Rush

The podcasting boom is upon us. What makes podcasts the best format for content marketing? And how do you go from 0 to 1 million downloads within 3 weeks of launch, and $47k revenue on a new show in 3 months?

About Colin Thomson

Colin Thomson founded Kast Media, a multi-channel broadcast agency that focuses on influencer marketing through podcasts, youtube channels, blogs, and more. Kast Media works with brands and personalities such as Tai Lopez, Lewis Howes, Verizon, NPR, Mixergy and more, to manage, produce, promote their podcast, and grow their influence and business. Recent successes include hitting 1 million downloads on a new podcast 3 weeks after launch, and $40k in revenue through sponsorships within 2 months of podcast launch. Kast Media reaches over 138 million people and accounts for over 1 million podcast downloads per day. In the world of podcasting and influencer marketing, Colin is a leader in innovation and practical growth, and Kast Media’s results prove it. Colin speaks about the emerging voice space, influencer marketing, podcasting, advertising, and building influence. His talks focus on the very practical and specific steps that lead to success.

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