Chip Edwards - Chief Voice Officer - Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference

Chip Edwards – Chief Voice Officer

Chip Edwards

Podcasts, Smart Speakers, and Bell Curves

Technology is changing how your listeners will be consuming your content. The medium is changing. Aggressive predictions regarding smart speaker adoption continue to be revised upward. Now is the time to look at how you can prepare for the smart speaker revolution.

About Chip Edwards

Technologist, Teacher, Innovator – Chip is a Technologist by day, Innovator at night, and Teacher on the weekends. Chip has helped many businesses prepare for the future by adopting innovative technology to delight their clients. His previous project was recognized with the CIO100 Innovation award by CIO magazine. As co-founder of, his most recent project is a turnkey system for Podcasters and Bloggers to engage their audience with a custom Amazon Alexa skill.

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