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Chi Odogwu

Chi Odogwu

5 Things Podcasters Can Learn From The Art Of Movie Making

Oral storytelling has been around since the beginning of time. Ancient philosophers, religious leaders and rulers have all relied on the power of storytelling to get their message across to the people. But since the invention of motion pictures the art of storytelling has been elevated dramatically. I plan to share some of the lessons that have helped make the art of storytelling more powerful in movies and how they can be translated into the world of podcasting.

About Chi Odogwu

Chi is a business growth consultant, digital marketer & direct response copywriter. He helps clients grow their businesses and achieve long-term success through his digital marketing training, personal development coaching & entrepreneurship mentoring services. He quit his 9 to 5 job to start an e-commerce company in his hometown in Lagos, Nigeria. The venture failed and had to be closed down but Chi viewed the experience as valuable education in his entrepreneurial journey. He then decided to launch another business to help entrepreneurs and small businesses overcome some of the key issues that lead to business failure. He currently works with several small and medium scale enterprises in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. He’s a frequent contributor to large publications like the Huffington Post, Influence and more. In addition, he hosts a podcast titled The Bulletproof Entrepreneur where he interviews entrepreneurs, thought leaders and creative artists.

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