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Carolyn Cole – Founder & Creator, BOOMTANK.COM

Carolyn Cole

Big Success Without Big Downloads – You Don’t Need Big Download Numbers, For Business Success

My aim has been to globally deliver amazing content and expert, high-profile guests to my listening audience, with the purpose of providing leading business/personal development advice and showcase my authority and business as well. Podcasting has been a terrific marketing arm for my business (as has live streaming), ‘without’ the aim ‘up front’ of having massive download numbers. My podcast is super targeted to reach my audience (Executives, Teams, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs) – and has resulted in my creating a successful global consulting/coaching business. I chose not to extend endless resources to my podcast initially because building my national and global business was the larger focus. Importantly, one does not need big download numbers to have business success. You can actually design it as I have. I will share how.

About Carolyn Cole

Carolyn Cole is Show Host of the global Boomtank Business Show podcast, for sharp female entrepreneurs and cool guys who support them. For nearly two decades, she was a Fortune 100 and Fortune 200 Senior Corporate Trial Attorney. Now she makes the case on behalf of others’ business and career dreams – happiness too. She offers Global Business Consulting and Coaching for Executives, Teams, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. She is also an Organization Development Consultant, Business Strategist, Entrepreneur, Livestreamer, Speaker and Certified Professional Coach.

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