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Brittany S. S. Hardin – CEO & Founder

Brittany S. S. Hardin

How to Use Social Currency to Book Guests

As a podcaster, at times, it’s difficult to book a great guest for the show. You have to deal with rescheduling, cancelations, time constraints etc. I have a method of booking guest using social currency that will help to book guest that are excited to be apart of your show and help to promote it as well.

About Brittany S. S. Hardin

From the South Side of Chicago to Harlem, NYC Ms. Hardin’s story is a testament to turning struggle into success. She has developed an enjoyment for looking at a “failure”, a point of pain, or an obstacle with an opportunistic mindset. This skill has been a key factor that has led to many accomplishments throughout her Media Sales career at UNC-Charlotte, Time Warner Cable (now Spectrum), Yelp, and MiQ! With over a decade of experience in the areas of Public Speaking, Professional Development, Diversity & Inclusion, Employee Resource Group creation, Media Sales, and Sales Training, Ms. Hardin created Currency Shift, LLC. This is a media company focused on building social capital among women and people of color in order to grow representation in positions of influence within companies and communities. Her mission is to cultivate diverse communities that understand how to use social currency to impact their personal and professional growth.

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