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Anthony Arno – Route 66 Podcast Host

Anthony Arno

Monetizing Your Podcast with a Subscription Box

Do your have a loyal following of listeners who just cant seem to get enough of your content but monetizing your podcast seems impossible? Consider generating repeated monthly income by starting a subscription box to support your podcast! Join Anthony Arno, host of The Route 66 Podcast, as he tells all about the subscription box market. Subscription boxes allow you to create monthly recurring revenue of niche products specific to your podcast that listeners just can’t seem to get enough of. From specific travel books to the most popular items found in curio shops, The Route 66 Subscription Box allows travelers to receive some of the most popular items related to America’s most celebrated highway right at their front door.

About Anthony Arno

Anthony Arno successfully bicycled across America as a college student with the support of Calvin Klein while drawing attention towards the plight of cancer patients. After college, Arno worked as a social worker with disabled adults before becoming an elementary school teacher. In the 1990’s Arno used the schools only computer connected to the Internet to learn about historic Route 66 while his students bicycled 2000 miles aboard an exercise bicycle in the back of the classroom. During the year long teaching journey students corresponded with people living and working along the famed highway, including Chicago Mayor Daley and the songwriter who wrote the famous Route 66 song for Nat King Cole in 1946.

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