Adam Connors - Founder of NetWorkWise - Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference

Adam Connors – Founder of NetWorkWise

Adam Connors

Getting the most of MAPCON5!

How to properly “network” at a conference.

About Adam Connors

People go to events like this for 2 reasons: 1) Content 2) Contacts! The irony is that the real reason most people attend these events is to meet people, but statistically most people (80%) only meet 1 person. What’s even crazier is, only 70% of people that they meet actually follow-up, or follow-through on that. In comes NetWorkWise….. We will teach people how to prepare, what say, what do and how to follow-up and get the most out of your event. This way, they walk away with a much better experience, make more contacts and ultimately value your conference that much more!

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