FAQ - Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference

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Send us your emails at info@podcastmidatlantic.com.


  • What is MAPCON’s refund policy?
    • All sales are final on Virtual Tickets and Conference Tickets.
  • What is included for the price of admission?
    • Lunch on Saturday
    • Free headshots taken by professional photographer Janette Pellegrini
    • Event t-shirt
    • Event badge
    • Event program
  • What is the Creative Podcast Competition?
    • Podcasters will team up to create a less than 5 minute podcast episode in 45 minutes incorporating three items given at the start of the competition.
    • Each episode will be performed on stage to be judged for fabulous prizes!
    • RulesTeams of 4 people.Each team will receive a bag with 3 items in the bag.The 3 items will need to be involved somehow into a podcast episode you will create.You will have 45 minutes to create a less than 5 minute podcast episode.
    • Episode will consist of:
      Theme song
      Episode content
    • The episode will need to be performed on stage to be judged on: creativity, length, content, originality, and X-Factor. (On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest.) The highest scored podcast episode will receive awesome prizes!
  • Is there a dress code?
    • No, you are welcomed to rock your favorite shirt in jeans, shorts or business casual.
  • What kind of weather can I expect?
    • Daily high temperatures 71°F but not exceeding 86°F. Daily low temperatures 55°F, rarely falling below 44°F or exceeding 72°F.
  • Can I record podcasts at the conference?
    • Absolutely! You are encouraged to use the spacious area, tables and chairs in the atrium to record your show. This is a great opportunity to meet and interview other podcasters for your show.
  • Can I have my event t-shirt mailed to me if I miss the conference?
    • Unfortunately, we are unable to send out event t-shirts after the conference.
  • What do past attendees think of MAPCON?
    • “Had a great time! It was intimate in a way that gave me plenty of time and opportunity to meet a bunch of great people. Also loved the speakers.”
      Chistopher Peterson
    • “Thank you for putting on such an awesome event.  I loved being there and meeting all of those great people.  I am already looking forward to next year’s and hopefully getting together with you and some of the other participants in the meantime.”
      Mathew Passey
    • “Hi Joe, what an epic weekend!! It took us 15 hours to get home but dude, it was so totally worth it. In fact, we are making plans for next year; and, I’ve just been contacted to help another family…#ThePowerofThePodcast
    • Thank you again so much for giving me the opportunity to cross a long-awaited dream off my #PodcastingBucketList. I plan on practicing a lot more because one day…I’m going to be a podcast keynote speaker somewhere (yep, just added three more items to my 2015 Podcast Bucket List). :-)”
      Dr. Annise
    • “First, because it was a super value! For $35 you got a t-shirt, 2 meals, headshots, networking opportunities, prizes, and awesome speakers and entertainment. Seriously? It’s almost too good to be true:) Secondly, I enjoyed the laid back nature of the event. Being a full-blown introvert, I get a lot out of smaller events because it is so much easier to really get to know people. When I left, I felt like I made lots of new friends:) I will definitely be back next year!”
      Terry Berge
    • “These are the types of podcasting events that I enjoy. They are smaller, easier to connect with other podcasters, and the content is a little more ‘packed and ready’ than the ‘buy my product’ conferences.”
  • Where can I watch video from MAPCON 2015?
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